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A Witch Named Katrina is a gag-comic about a witch who runs her business selling potions and performing spells to anyone who wishes to buy service from her. Despite the unfair stereotypes that all witches are wicked, Katrina is actually pretty friendly. However she's extremely stubborn and clueless, which can cause problems sometimes. Thankfully her cat, Tofu, helps out if things go super-weird.


Our hero. Her family trees includes the Wicked Witch of the West and that other one that tried to eat Hansel and Gretel. She also claims to be a distant relative of Harry Potter but that is yet to be confirmed. Katrina is 200 years old, but since witches live for an extremely long time she's practically a kid. Tofu agrees that she is one at heart.

Katrina is an all around great, but her stubbornness and carelessness can get her in trouble from time to time. It's a wonder that Tofu puts up with her.


Katrina's familiar, cat, friend, assistant, you name it. Tofu comes from a long line of black cats, so imagine his mother's surprise when one of the kittens in her litter was bleach white. Luckily for him Katrina took a liking to the white cat and took him in.

Tofu is the sensible one of the two, having to put up with Katrina's eccentric attitude. Despite that the two are good friends and are inseparable.

Chuck Akira was born in 1989 in Japan. Drawing cartoons for as long as he remembers, he became published at age 15 when a newspaper in Tennessee began running his work. Since then he has drawn editorial cartoons for the Weakley County (TN) Press and The Pacer, a student newspaper for the University of Tennessee at Martin. Charles was a finalist for John Locher Memorial Award in 2005. One of his editorial cartoons is reprinted in The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, 2005 edition.

Chuck is also interested in animation, having done some films. He currently freelances for the Hogan's Alley magazine.

Chuck Akira currently resides in Martin, Tennessee.

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